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Art and Chess Club

December 17, 2020
By James

Hello! My name is James, and I am writing about my experience here at Saint Paul. I am first going to start out by talking about how my classes have been going. One of my favorite classes is Junior High Art Class. My teacher, Mr. Fleming, is really nice. I have always been interested in art, but I could never get the hang of it. No matter how much I tried, I simply was not an artist. When I joined this class, I was hoping that I could not only improve my skills, but also have fun along the way. I think I accomplished both of those things to be perfectly honest with you! I have made many new friends and Mr. Fleming has been such a big help. I would like to say thank you to him and the rest of the Junior High Art Class.

The second thing I wanted to talk about was my experience with the Chess Club. Like art, I have always been interested in Chess, but was never as good as I wanted. When I joined the Chess Club, Mr. Leonard, the moderator of the Chess Club, taught me so much. He inspired me to study more. So far, my only loss in the Chess Club has been to Mr. Leonard. I would like to say thank you to him, and the other members of the Chess Club, for making it a great experience. Lastly, I want to give a special thanks to my classmate, Jack, for being a great friend. Jack and I are in Junior High Art Class and the Chess Club together.