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Saint Paul Faculty

February 24, 2021
By Justin

The thing I like most about the Saint Paul faculty members is how they do not give up on the student’s education, even throughout the COVID pandemic. Though many schools provide remote education, Saint Paul has been offering students two in-person learning days per week. The school spirit is great! When I enter the building, the overall atmosphere of the school is bright because of the hard-working faculty and cooperative students.

I am part of the math team. I have practiced math since I was young, and it is one of my most engaging extracurricular activities. However, my favorite class is music/band because music simply gives me something different, and I am addicted to harmonic sounds. My favorite teachers are those who are experts at giving satiric or humorous lectures, rather than those who bombard students with loads of information to process.

Being a junior is always challenging because it happens to be the year right before preparing for college. Our grades are more important and there are many more things we need to take care of than in freshman or sophomore year. If the COVID burden is increased, it is likely for us to stress out easily. In terms of school, the only thing that the pandemic has given me is extra time of morning sleep, but I was heavily demotivated for a while. However, the Saint Paul community has kept motivated and encouraged me to not give up.