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A New School Community

November 09, 2020
By Carissa

When the merge was first announced, I was really worried about being at a new school my senior year. We all had to adapt to a new name, mascot, and colors. For me personally, the building I had been in for 3 years was going to change, and I would have teachers I had never met before. At first, getting used to all of this was a challenge. But, as the school year has started and our first quarter at Saint Paul has progressed, these challenges have started to fade! We’re all able to see the positives that come with these changes. 

I have some teachers this year from St. Peter-Marian that are amazing, and I never would have had the opportunity to have them if it weren’t for the merge. I’m really enjoying Concepts in Leadership with Mr. St. John. This wasn’t a class we had at Holy Name, and I’m super grateful for the opportunity to take it! There are some things we did have at Holy Name that didn’t carry over to Saint Paul, like Cafe 144. It was always the senior hangout, so missing out on that is hard. But, I know our administration is working behind the scenes to make our senior year special, despite all the challenges COVID brings them.

My favorite thing about Saint Paul so far is that it’s a blend of both schools. While a lot of St. Peter-Marian rules and practices carried over, we also kept some of my favorite parts of Holy Name. Our clubs and activities are all the same. The mock trial team (my favorite extracurricular) is the same team, but even better. We just gained a few team members, which makes the team so much better! At the end of the day, Saint Paul is a mixture of two great schools, making one even better, stronger together school.