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Hybrid vs In Person Learning

April 23, 2021
By James

Hello everybody! James here again. We started the school year in a hybrid learning model. I was in the alpha cohort, so my classes were in-person on Monday and Tuesday and remote on Thursday and Friday. All classes were synchronous on Wednesday. My schedule for in person days was as follows: first period math, second period Spanish, third period theology (we are learning the story of Jesus), fourth period life science, fifth period was junior high art for our first semester – now I am taking a digital literacy class, sixth period English, and last period US history and civics. Wednesday zoom learning was the same schedule as in-person learning. I had mixed feelings about the hybrid model. I liked having days off to wake up late and get work done, but I really wanted to be in school with my friends. If I needed help from a teacher, it would come more easily in person. We will be transitioning to full time in person learning next week. I think that the transition will offer more good things for me than bad. I like my teachers and my classes for different reasons. My most challenging class is science. I have never been good at science, but even so I like learning about a lot of things in science. The transition to full time in person learning will definitely be interesting. Like our motto says, we truly are, “Stronger Together”.