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Tution and Financial Aid

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Catholic Schools Office (CSO) has set the Saint Paul Diocesan Jr/Sr High School annual cost (tuition & activity fee) for Grades 7-8 at $8,800 ($8,150/$650) and Grades 9-12 at $9,500 ($8,750/$750) for Grades 9-12 for the 2020-2021 academic year.

We recognize these annual costs represent a significant commitment for families. We try to keep our increases as low as our expenses permit while maintaining the highest educational standards possible within a very competitive environment. In comparison to other local, independent Catholic high schools, our tuition rate represents more than a $5,500 annual savings to families.

Our value-based approach to tuition costs is rooted in our institutional values.  In keeping with our mission in Catholic education, we believe in providing educational access and affordabilty to students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester through the Adopt-A-Student program, the Catholic Schools Appeal, and Partners in Charity funding provides the single-largest source of student financial aid to our diocesan high school families. Some 55% of families received some form of need-based tuition assistance last year with over $1,000,000 in financial assistance provided. Along with need-based considerations, merit (academic) aid is also made available. We do not offer scholarships dependent on one’s athletic ability.

The CSO partners with the student financial services provider FACTS in administering diocesan assistance through the Grant & Aid program. All Grant & Aid applications are thoroughly analyzed by FACTS, and an aid recommendation is sent to diocesan Student Financial Services for review and finalization. Please know that your financial information is held in strict confidence and is used solely for determining financial need.

We are currently accepting 2020-2021 aid applications at this time for both newly enrolling and returning families.  Student financial aid questions may be directed to Ms. Susan Saucier, Diocesan Director of Student Financial Services at

In closing, please know of our collective commitment to limit tuition increases. The sacrifices families, alumni, and generous benefactors make on behalf of our young people are many – and most appreciated. Our primary goal in setting tuition is to offer the best student experience possible in Catholic education while remaining faithful to our fiduciary responsibilities.

All God's blessings,

Michael J. Clark
Head of School