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November 2020 - David Ginisi

November 20, 2020
By David Ginisi

Full Name: David Ginisi

Former High School: Holy Name Central Catholic High School

Graduation Year: 2011

Organization: Montachusett Home Care          Job Title: Chief Marketing Officer          

Briefly describe what you do for work:
I ensure agency-wide programmatic, training and outreach materials for the public. Building and fostering key relationships with business and community leaders, I pioneer and implement strategies that will increase awareness in and around the North Central Mass region for MHCC’s mission and its related programs. I oversee our website and social media platforms, and develop campaigns. I ensure that the brand is strong and consistent in every marketing tactic, and that the MHCC’s story is communicated with creativity and impact. I build awareness so that MHCC is seen as a leader in our field.

Who influenced you the most during your time at Holy Name? Why? 
There were a few teachers and faculty who had certainly influenced me during my time at Holy Name. However, I would say the most influential would be Tom Decoteau. The world of math was never my strong suit, and each year I had Mr. Decoteau he understood my weaknesses and challenged me to do better. I can recall Mr. Decoteau’s classes being engaging and entertaining. His ability to relate to his students made and his unwavering support for me to become successful makes him my standout teacher.

Favorite memory of Holy Name?
I had the pleasure of serving as host of Holy Name’s inaugural dodgeball tournament for it’s first two years. I believe that opportunity helped shape my future in public speaking.

What do you value most from your time at Holy Name?
It would have to be the friendships I had formed. To see my fellow classmates now venture on to their own successes is great- and we can always look back to the memories we’ve formed inside those hallways.

Most important thing you learned at Holy Name?
I would say the most important thing would be how HN had the ability to prepare me for the professional world with its methods in organization and demeanor.

What activities or sports were you involved in at Holy Name?
Football, Indoor Track, S.A.D.D., Lettermen

What advice would you give current high school students either pursuing a similar career path to your own?
Take opportunities to be a leader, take risks, and don’t be afraid to speak in front of a crowd. Pay close attention to what your instructors really have to say. Really hold on to those life lessons.

What is something people may not know about you?
I’ve had a Montreal media outlet write a whole story about me in French based on a media mission I had in 2019.

What advice do you have for current Saint Paul students to make the most of their experience at Saint Paul?
Get to know your teachers and faculty. Each one works hard in preparing you for the professional world- you may not realize it just yet, but soon enough you’ll appreciate the time each of them have taken in your education.

Anything else you want to share?
I’m grateful every day for where life has taken me. It’s a pinching moment to think about how I’ve climbed the ladder of my success so fast to become a Chief Marketing Officer at only 27 years old. My family, mainly my parents, have always been my biggest fans but it’s also nice to see those from my years at Holy Name reach out to congratulate me. It’s nice to see I have lifelong friends that stemmed from the hilltop of 144 Granite Street. 

Barbara M Deschenes says:
November 24, 2020 04:41 AM CST

Nice tribute to Tom. So many teachers give their all and are never acknowledged - it's another one of those thankless positions that people take for granted.. Congratulations David - may you enjoy the many successes life has to offer.